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Anatoly Konenko - microminiuature painter

Anatoly Ivanovich Konenko is from russian city of Omsk in 1996 he was entered into the Guiness Book of World records for creating the world smallest book.Konenko began his career in 1981, becoming the first microminiature artist in Siberia. He was born on February 23,1954 in the town Orsk in the Orenburg region of Russia. His family later relocated to Kazahstan.Konenko received a deegree in technical architecture from the Omsk Akademy of Civil engineering. konenko began to create miniature works in 1981.Since 2007,Konenko's sun began to work with his father.In 2010 Konenko issued a colection of microbook volumes of Pushkin, Koltsov,Evtushenko. Anatoly Konenko's works often reference russian fairy tales and fables; some of his most famous creations include the "Sawy Flea","The Grosshoper Violinist" and a "Caravan of camels in the Eye of the Needle". Anatoly Konenko has published more than 200 miniature books.His edition of Chekhov's hameleon, issued in 1996 in Omsk,includes 26 pages,3 colour ilustrations,and a portrait of a Chekhov,and measures 0.9*0.9 mm.Anatoly Konenko hsa been listed in Guiness Book of Recordes for creating the book. Source:Wiki

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