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Donetsk "Road of Death"

WARNING! Some users could find this footage disturbing. Dead bodies line the road to Donetsk Intl airport, scene of savage clashes between pro and anti-Kiev forces. This video was shot on Wednesday, May 28.It is claimed that dead civilians shown were killed by Ukrainian National Guards while they were trying to escape the shooting but this cannot be independently verified.

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The results of bombardment of Slov'yansk uptown and the streets of Kramatorsk by the Ukrainian army

Kramatorsk "Stankostroy" district. Mortar attack.

Slov'yansk uptown. Child center. Mortar attack.

Slov'yansk local gas and water pipes were damaged. The Ukrainain troop's doesn't let the wreckers to get in the city.

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A Bloody holiday in Mariupol

By Victoria Parker in Ukraine 
Axis of Logic exclusive 
Tuesday May 14 

 Editor's commentary: 

Last February a fascist putch took place in Ukraine. With the open support of Washington and it's European allies, the regime installed by Washigton and Berlin now engaging in a reign of terror against popular resistance. This is the significance of the events in major eastern Ukrainian city of Mariupol on May 9. The violence was clearly meant to provoke on the 69 anniversary of the defeat of the Nazi Germany by the Soviet Red Army.Armoured personnel carriers and heavily armed troops attacked unarmed civilians in the city,and Kiev claimed to have killed some 20 people.The Obama administration immediately blamed the violent repression on "pro-Russian separatists". The May 9 celebrations of the defeat of Nazi Germany are despised bybthe Neo-Nazi gangs that propelled the US puppet regime into power in Kiev.These are admirers of Hitler, and with Washington's full support, they are encouraging the attacks against popular opposition. If you've read anything about 9 May in Western media, you have almost certainly been told lies. Let's hear and see the truth from someone who was there.
Axis of Logic. 

As I was writting an article regarding the tragedy thatvwas unfolding in Mariupol on May 9 - the most revert day of the calendar celebtated in former Soviet countries - Donetsk and Lugansk conducted their referendums, resulting in a 90% vote for independence from the new Ukrainian regime.

 It would be very naive to expect Russia to take these two republics under it's wing. The Russian Federation does not appear to have any intention to attach anymore territory,and still urges civilized dialogue between the South-East and Kiev. 

 Unfortunetaly,it's higly unlikely that any dialogue is possible after so much spilling of innocent blood. Kiev chose the politics of intimidation and terror,intertwined with a patent mistrust. What took place in Odessa is called "Red Line 1".Although this horrific and inhumane action was covered by some media, the entire world still refused to react, as moral obligations would suggest they should, by stopping the junta from spilling the blood of it's own people and calling out for justice. So the junta crossed the another red line. 

 Another massacre in Mariupol (Donets'k province)was pesonally initiated by supervised by Oleg Lyashko,a Presidential candidate.

 He actually replaced the commander of this "operation" with himself. After the call from the chief of police in Mariupol, Lyashko gave the order to invade Mariupol. He hoped to shine his political star by achieving his own victory on May 9,the day when people celebrate the Victory in Great Fatherland war over fascism. Lyashko personally gave an order to shoot all the "vatniks" and "colorads" (insulting words for Russians and anti-fascists). With8n the order was the specific task of shooting any soldier who refused to participate. Later, seeing how his "anti-terrorist operation" descended into in absolute fiasco, Lyashko ran away from Mariupol. 

 The chief of police in Mariupol, Androschuk, after the initial phone conversation with Lyashko, gave orders to his officers to conduct a punitive operation of punishment against the Mariupol people. The entire body of police refused to follow the order. Androschuk shot one of the officers, triggering a revolt among the remaining police.Androschuk escaped to his office and call the "Right Sector" for help.

 While the people in the city were celebrating Victory Day, the invaders entered peaceful Mariupol much as the Nazis did 70 years ago. The punitive group, battalions "Dnipro" and "Azov", had assault riffles, machine guns, grenade launchers, BMP 9 + 1 APC, heavy armoured vehicles and tanks, and combant infantry. 

 It's fair to call them fascists. They moved close to police department building and soon opened fire from HGV, machine guns, and grenade launchers. Some of Right Sectors went from house and shot at the windows where people filmed everything on cameras and phones. They blocked area around police station.


 During combat, Androschuk snuck out of the building throuhg a corridor. But in the street , he was captured by local people. His fate is presently unknown. 

 Unarmed civilians were standing around shouting "Fascists"! "Get out of our city"! "They are kiling our police"! "How would you look at your Mom's eyes?!" National guard gunmen shot cililians on sight to stop them to approaching the police department building. Police officers became "terrorists" for only one reason: THEY REFUSED TO RAISE WEAPOON AGAINST THEIR FELLOW COUNTRYMEN. There were about 50 people at the police station, including women. 

Next the Right Sector used the same tactic as they did in Odessa. They blocked the building and burned it down to the ground.


The police station was completely destroyed by fire. Ambulances rushing to the scene to rescue the wounded were greeted by bursts and gunfire from fascists.


 During the day,gunmen in black uniforms shot and intimidated citizens.


Civilians began to oppose the fascists invaders. The fascists lost one BMP. Several members of punitive "Azov" and "Dnipro" died. Then the fascists ( no other word can be used toward these creatures)found themselves without any commanders and tried to leave the city. Actually,they ran away.


It is still unclear how many people were killed in Mariupol.The man in this video claimed that there were over one hundred victims.


 Where will the next "red line" take place? And how many more "red lines" does the World needed in order to wake up? This is not war between Russians and Ukrainians, and this is not a war of all against all. This is a war of Rusdian people for their indenity and freedom. Now, when the most hated thing,as fascism is for Russians, has come into our homes, people needed to determine what values they are standing up for, and who they are - Russian people, meaning the spiritual condition, not necessary nationality.

 This is the war of the Russian world against the Nazis.This is a Nazi's war against the civilian population. 

This is also a time for the West to clarify for themselves who they want to be with and what kind of future they choose.

 On May 11, the people of Donetsk and Lugansk provinces took part in Referendums and declared their Independence. 

 On May 11, a funeral took place for 20 killed people in Mariupol. 

 This is a holiday with teary eyes...

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Ukraine crisis today: "Democracy" caught on camera

Warning! This video contains the scenes of violence!

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Odessa's nightmare or "May kebab" (ukrainian fascists has called died people like this)

First of all. I have  Austrian, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish origins. My father fought against Una Unso (Bandera castigators) in Western Belorussia during WW2, when he was 16 years old. I have relatives in Donetsk (my auntie from father's side married local greek 50 years ago) and in Zaporozhe from my mom's side.
"Thanks" Mr.Obama and all the other politicians around the world who extremely cynical supports Kiev's Junta. Now you can be very proud of yourselves! The Bandera's followers has returned! I just could wish you'll  lost your peace of mind forever.