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The demonstration of the film, “Voina 080808. Istoriya predatelstva”(“War 080808. The Art of Betrayal”), telling us about Georgia’s recent aggression against South Ossetia, was wrecked in the Ukrainian capital Kiev. This film is based on film footage, eye-witnesses’ evidences and documents.

On Tuesday, November 13th , this documentary film, made by the Russian film maker Alexei Akimov, should have been shown in the Hyatt Hotel in Kiev. However, the Ukrainian authorities banned the film show. The letter of the Ukrainian Security Service head, saying that the demonstration of the film may trigger aggressive youth rallies, was shown to the Verkhovnaya Rada (Parliament) deputies and to the public representatives who arrived to see the film. Therefore, the film show was banned.

Judging by the facts, the authorities did not want the Ukrainians to learn the truth about the August war in the Caucasus, as a result of which Russia faced the necessity to force the aggressor to peace. And here’s the State Duma deputy Konstantin Kosachev, offering his comment.

Our stand on the Georgian-Ossetian and Georgian-Abkhaz conflict was initially aimed at the prevention of the further bloodshed and at the exclusion of the human death losses. And this is exactly what we continue doing. And we’ll do the same, should more conflicts emerge on the post-Soviet space.

Ukraine’s President Viktor Yushchenko and his close supporters have a different interpretation of the South Ossetian events. They present Georgia, which committed an act of aggression, factually, as a victim. And try to present Russia, which brought to an abrupt halt the extermination of peaceful civilians, as an aggressor. Such interpretation is based on the anti-Russian views of the leading Ukrainian politicians and linked to the close, including kindred contacts, with the Saakishvili regime.

Not only political sympathies and tastes determine such approach. The film “War 080808. The Art of Betrayal” is about the unseemly role of President Viktor Yushchenko in the South Ossetian events. It is by his consent that the Ukrainian weapons, which were used to kill the South Ossetian citizens and peacekeepers, were supplied to the Saakishvili regime. Today a special commission of Verkhovnaya Rada (Parliament) is conducting an investigation into the case. Its leader — Deputy Valery Konovalyuk — is of the opinion that President Yushchenko and some other officials — leaders of agencies, which were involved in the export of armaments, are to blame for numerous abuses. It is not clear yet what the revenues from the arms sales to Georgia were spent for.

Thus, broad glasnost about the war in the Caucasus is at variance with the interests of the current ruling elite in Kiev.
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