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Ancient treasure found near Kremlin

An archaeologist conducting excavations in the Kitai-gorod district of Moscow just outside the Kremlin has found an ancient treasure of rare coins, a glass bracelet, and a 12th century icon.

“The most significant finding for us was the treasure of eleven rare coins. For the first time in history the Moscow numismatists have found a solid monetary treasure. These are coins minted in Moscow dating from the times of Prince (Knyaz) Vasily Dmitrievich, the son of Dmitry Donskoy, to Vasily II [from 1371 to 1462]," Moscow’s head archaeologist Aleksandr Veksler said.

The archaeological works were carried out over an area of 350 square metres, and the extent of layers reached depths of up to six metres.

"We investigated about 40 buildings, first stone then wooden. We had to use special equipment and fittings, because we were facing difficult work conditions," Aleksandr Veksler added.

Kitai-gorod is a business district in the centre of Moscow, encircled by mostly-reconstructed medieval walls. It is separated from the Kremlin by Red Square.

The walls of red brick were erected in 1536-39 by an Italian architect known under the Russified name Petrok Maly and originally featured 13 towers and six gates. They were as thick as they were high, the average being six meters in both dimensions

Source:Russia Today

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