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Politicians do not make good historians

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Chernevog комментирует...

Sometimes historian don't make good historians either. But politicians are probably the worse.

There is a difference between the national myths that both superpowers used during the cold war to make monsters out of each other.

The truth probably lies in between. But there is a good reason that during the cold war, so many anti-colonial and nationalist movements turned to the Soviet Union for support rather than the U.S.

Donald Woods, the biographer and friend of Steven Biko, wrote about a rather long explanation about why this was the case. Biko basically asserted that when these movements relied on the Soviets, the Soviets tended to actually either leave when they were asked to leave, or it was easier to get them to leave in one way or the other if they seemed disinclined at first to do so.This was much more difficult to do when the United States got some sort of foothold in a nation that was an ex colony of the French, British, or the Dutch.

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That's true)