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SLEIGH-BELLS. Russian romance БУБЕНЦЫ. B.Shtokolov.

This is an old russian romance (N.Bakaleynikov - A.Kusikov).
The vinill record from the concert in 1981.
The pictures are not mine except of 4 ones.
Old Russian romances born in the end of the 18 th & the beginning of the 19 th centuries still adorn the concert programmes of the singers of today. They are appreciated for their melodiousness, emotionality & sincerity which always find their way to people's hearts. A great in the development & formation of old Russian romances was played by Russian folk songs & gipsy romances, which were very popular in the beginning of the 19 th century. Many Russian composers have greatly contributed to this vocal form. Teplov, Kozlovsky, Zhilin - were the first composers in this genre, among the later ones - Alabiev, Varlamov, Gurilev, Bulachov & others can be named.
The subject & theme of old romances - written mostly by classical poets - determined the originality of this musical form. Romances-elegies & romances-monologues are prevalent here.

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This music video is not mine-

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