четверг, 3 июля 2014 г.

The children of Donbass speak:

Ksyusha, 6 yo, Lugansk:
-Most of all I'm afraid  that my Mom and Dad will be killed. Then I will not be able to save my 6 month old brother.It would be better I got kiled.

Serezha, 4 yo, Lugansk province:
-My Dad went to war. Mom and Grandma cry every day and say nothing to me.This make me scared even more...May be my Dad has gone already?

Sahsha, 3 yo, Donetsk province:
-I want to eat. Always...

Tanya, 5 yo, Mariupol:
-What we have here is scarier than horror movies.Funerals take place every day...

Sveta, 4.5 yo, Slavy'ansk:
-Our house was bombed. My Mom, Grandma and I then lived in a basement.When another bomb fell in our yard again I started to stutter.

Vanya, 4 yo, Kramatorsk:
-When bomb thumped, I got scared and wet myself. Now, every night, when I hear thunder, I wet myself, and my mother lookes at me and cries a lot...

Sergey, 8 yo, Lugansk province:
-I'm not afraid to die, but if my Mother, Father and Grandmother are killed, I won't be able to live through this.

Eugenia, 9 yo, Donetsk province:
-During the war we began to believe in God for real, without pretending. Because we understand, only God can defend us..

Tamara, 6 yo, refugee from Slavy'ansk:
-The war happens when all around ypu is only evil, but the good are killed and buried somewhere far away

Vanya Ermolov, 5 yo, was killed  in Stanitsa Luganskaya yesterday

4.5 yo girl was killed in Slav'yansk

Stanitsa Luganskaya yesterday

According to the statistics of Ukrainian Ministry of Health on 11 of June 14 children were kiled during ATO.



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