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Russia in photos

Chukotka part one.

Chukotka is far and close. There is the furthest part of Russia on the north-easternmost part of Eurasia. There are no roads towards there. There are no railways. The plane is the single opportunity to overcome 6400 kilometers from Moscow to Anadyr. Such remoteness of Chukotka makes its people stand side-by-side in order to hold out against the difficulties and freaks of nature. That’s why people are much more closer to each other here. Having met only once in Chukotka we became good friends. And it is Chukotka which is always in the centre of the people’s talks who has ever been here.
Chukotka is severe and beautiful. People say about relentless frost and storms from the Arctic and the Pacific Oceans in winter with the same emotions like about its majestic and monumental beauty. It is really cold and splendid here. But if one has a chance to sea the Northern Lights and, we are sure, he says that there is no more magnificent place on the Earth than here. You can spend some winter time in Chukotka Arctic and then realize all the beauty of our spring summer. And the most picturesque bays and fiords of Chukchii Peninsular make of you the real discoverer.
Chukotka is warm and distinctive. Indigenous people are the real treasure of this land. They are hospitable and open. Chukchii, Eskimo, Evens are always glad to new and new comers. And they are ready to suggest you all their things. People of Chukotka live in accordance with the main Law of the Arctic – whatever you are they will help and support any stranger. Indigenous people have their own way of life where everything is interrelated in the world – people, spirits, nature.
Chukotka is real.

It's not an advertizing, it's just the best description of Chukotka I have found in in the Web.)


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