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War lyric song -"Good-bye, boys"

Lyrics and music by famous russian bard-Bulat Okudzhava

Oh war, what have you done, you villain!
Our courtyards have all grown silent.
Our boys have raised their heads,
they've become men too soon.
They appeared in the doorway a moment
and departed - soldier after soldier...

Good-bye, boys!

Boys -

try to retrn!

Don't hide yourselves, stand tall,
don't spare either bullets or shells,
and don't spare yourselves, but still try to return!

Oh war, what have you done, you villain!
Instead of weddings there are partings and smoke.
All our girls have given their wedding dresses
away to their little sisters.
How can you get away from those boots?!
Or from those green epaulets?!...
Spit on the gossips, girls,
we'll settle the score with them later!
Let them babble that there's nothing for you to believe in,
that you go through the war blindly...

Good-bye, girls!

Girls -

try to return!

Sings Anzhelika Varum


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