среда, 6 января 2010 г.

C Рождеством-Merry Christmas

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Mário комментирует...


I am really fascinated with the New Year celebration festivities in Russia. They are quite different from European countries and even in Russy they vary from region to region. I published a post (in portuguese...) about Chyskhaan, the Lord of the Frost, here:


but anyhow I would like to know more about this character. I found Yakutia one of the most wonderful regions in your country, as far as I can get it from the net. As you are posting about the new year season, would you mind to elaborate on Chyskhaan's legend?


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Marfa комментирует...

What a lovely photo...we are having our "yolka" today!

lastochka комментирует...


I didn't know about Chyskhaan till yesterday. I tried to find more info about this character in English, but... (((.