суббота, 16 января 2010 г.

Famous russian Ensemble Berezka (Birch)

Artistic director and Lead conductor – Maxim Fedotov

State Academic Choreographic Ensemble "Berezka" is a world-known company that became a poster card of Russia on the world sceme. Berezka ensemble was originally founded in 1948 by extraordinary choreographer of the XX century, Nadezhda Nadezhdina. She was able to blend the classical dance with poetry of ancient round dances, present with past. Girl dance team created by her based on the theme of Russian folk song "Birch tree standing in the field" charms its spectators for over 50 years by amuzing, "floating" steps, so that it feels like entire birch tree forest turned alive, got moving and all of a sudden turned into a triumphal grand parade. This round dance gave the name to Berezka ensemble (Berezka is a Birch tree in Rusian).


Four seasons


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