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Siberia: Paris

PARIS – village in the Chelyabinsk region. Most inhabitants of the village belong to the Paris rare ethnic group – nagaybaks. Nagaybaks – they are descendants of Tatars, baptized in the times of Ivan the Terrible. Empress Anna Ioannovna after nagaybaki during riots Bashkir maintain its fidelity, identified them in the Cossack class. The first Cossack nagaybaks ataman was appointed Vasily Suvorov, the father of the famous Russian commander Alexander Suvorov.

In the war against Napoleon nagaybaks Cossacks were a separate regiment. Returning from the trip from Europe after the victory over Napoleon, they are for their valour and heroism received the exclusive right to call its settlements in honor of their own deeds and victories. Thus came the name of the village of Paris, like other villages in South Ural, which are the names of European cities - Berlin, Leipzig and so on. These settlements have names in honor of the major victories of Russian troops in Italy, Germany and France in 1799 and 1813-1814 he was.

Nagaybaks unique folklore, researchers are exploring their song culture. In Holland released CD-ROM, which recorded songs residents of the village of Paris. Folklore nagaybaks ensembles – awardees many international competitions folk groups.

June 24, 2005 in the village of Paris was inaugurated cellular communications tower, completed in the form of a reduced copy of the Eiffel Tower. December 11, 2006 in France at the Eiffel Tower was the most shortest in history exhibition, which lasted one minute (present Russian brands), the highlight of the event was a teleconference with the «Eiffel tower» Ural Paris.


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V-am urmarit cu interes toate articolele si am ramas profund impresionat de toate cunostiintele istorce pe care le aveti.Nu stiu cum va fi traducerea dar sper sa intelegeti meajul textului.As fi incantat daca mi-ati vorbi de batalia de la Borodino si de maresalulKutuzov.Cu stima si respect cineva din Romania interesat de istoria Rusiei!

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Thank you and wellcome to my blog!))
I had posted already articles about Borodino and about some of the famous heroes of this historical battle. I'll continue to publish new posts dedicated to this war later.

The links are bellow:




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Draga doamna!Am publicat pe unul din cele doua bloguri ale mele un articol pentru a elogia o prietenie adevarata dintre un rus si un roman.E vorba de Petru cel Mare si Dimitrie Cantemir.Am o serie de carti vechi de pe la anul 1900 in care sunt prezentate niste stampe ale vremii pe care o sa le postez mai tarziu dupa ce le fotografiez.Am studiat ce ai scris despre Borodino si mi-a placut.Astept comentarii in legatura cu articolul meu dar pana atunci sa auzim de bine.Sper sa te descurci cu traducerea daca nu am sa incerc sa scriu in engleza desi o stapanesc mai greu.

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