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South Ossetia marks Republic Day

A year after the August 2008 nightmare, people in South Ossetia are marking Republic Day. Already the 19th such celebration since the region declared its independence from Georgia in 1990, this is the first time the south Caucasus republic is marking its de-jure independence it paid so dearly for last year and which has since been recognized by Russia, Nicaragua and Venezuela.

The capital Tskhinval is visibly recovering from the destruction wrought by Georgian artillery with new apartment houses rising up and new parks laid and children’s playgrounds opening in every courtyard. The city is sprucing up with festive illumination, colorful streamers and air balloons carried around by the kids as their parents are busily laying out huge tables to accommodate relatives, friends and just about everyone who joins in the celebration. South Ossetian President Eduard Kokoity says that, happy as everyone is today, memory of those who died in the terrible month of August 2008 will live on forever.

This is really a day of joy and tears… It’s been almost 20 years since we, here in South Ossetia, declared our independence and today I see how our people are getting back to life after the tragedy that visited us in August 2008… Really, you can see smiles on our kids’ faces, which is really inspiring, the President said.

In the morning President Kokoity, joined by official delegations from Russia and Abkhazia, lay wreaths at the Monument to the Defenders of the Motherland. This was followed by a military parade on the city’s main square where the South Ossetian national anthem was played for the first time by a military band sent in by the Russian Defense Ministry. The celebrations will continue well into the night with music, dancing and fireworks lighting up the skies…

Source:The Voice of Russia

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