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Unique International Project on the Kola Peninsula

In the newest nature reserve of the Kola Peninsula, called “Pasvik”, an international project “Varlam Island Open-air Museum” is being launched. It is part of a tripartite project between Russia, Norway and Finland on creating the most northern Europark in the world.

The Pasvik reserve is spread over the border area between Russia, Norway and Finland. It is the place, where unique virgin pine forests, dozens of clear lakes and rivers have been preserved, thousands of birds nest and hundreds of wild plants grow. The reserve has a rich history and nature value. In olden times, Norwegians and the Sami people used to live there. During WWII fierce fighting took place on the reserve’s territory and a lot of trench shelters have survived. All these objects have recently been registered, as the international open-air museum will open here soon, says the Director of the Reserve, Vladimir Chizhov.

Today the reserve has a EUROPARC Federation Certificate, as it meets the European environment quality standards. Within this global project, we are working on our own one “Varlam Island Open-Air Museum” and believe that it should be part of our common park.

Varlam Island is situated in the reserve’s area which is the most populated with birds. 212 bird species dwell here: including whooping swans, ducks, sandpipers, seagulls. Maybe, that is why this small island (2,5 km long and 500m wide)is called “Birds’ Paradise”. The area is suggested to be included on the list of the most valuable water-swamp lands of the world.

The tiny Varlam Island has an important international significance. Its history reflects relationships of neighboring countries, lives of people, living on the border between three countries, and evolution of nature that can not be separated by the borders.

Source:The Voice of Russia

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