четверг, 13 мая 2010 г.

Saint Nicholas Manifests on Shed Door

Holy face of Saint Nicholas has manifested itself in a shed door in Petrovsky District of Tambov city.

Pensioner Raisa Shibina has brought the door with the sacred image from her village to Shehman Settlement for all to see it. The icon has been delivered to a church. Already now pilgrims not only from Tambov, but from neighbouring regions as well come there to see the holy face.

The icon of the late 19th century had been hidden under a paint coat. The artist-restorer Vera Tikhomirova assumes that that the icon belonged to Moscow or Michurinsk icon-painting school.

Local residents say that every day the image is getting brighter and brighter. At the left the second silhouette starts to be looking through. The face is not visible yet, but, according to experts, it is already clear that it is some saint in the rank of a metropolitan.


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