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Surviving the siege

When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941, Adolf Hitler ordered his troops to capture the country’s European territories by November. Leningrad, the second biggest Soviet city after Moscow, was a top priority in that plan. During a siege that lasted for 900 days, the city lost more than 700,000 people. Meet the amazing men and women who survived the blockade in a new XL report on RT.

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RIVER Organization Christian Church комментирует...

The video about the 900 day seige showed an incredible strength of the Russian people under one of the most evil forces the world has ever known.

I enjoy reading and viewing such history, even though it is sad indeed.

War is such a destructive thing. If the Americans and Russians and other nations only worked together instead of against each other so much greatness could be accomplished.

I'll hold you no longer or trouble you no more for your time. Thank you for sharing. I'll return to read your entire Website so perfectly developed.

From the U.S. with Love.

lastochka комментирует...

You're right... Thank you!)))