среда, 22 апреля 2009 г.

Russia supports and deregulates small business

Russia is disbursing a hundred billion roubles this year on programmes to encourage small business activity. Fifteen of these billions are going to the regions.

Prime Minister Putin was speaking about this at a national small business forum in Moscow on Wednesday. He also outlined other important measures:

«The threshold profit for simplified taxation of a given business entity goes up from 30 million roubles a year to 60 billion roubles a year. True, the Treasury may lose over a hundred billion roubles in annual revenue. True, some unscrupulous entrepreneurs may try to split big businesses into a number of small ones. This downside, however, is unlikely to outweigh the encouragement from the measure».

The change will also reduce red tape, improve accountability and narrow down opportunities for corruption.

Banks cannot look forward to more government rescue funds unless they start extending loans to real industries, including in the small business segment.

From the coming May, the City of Moscow, the Republic of Tatarstan and SberBank will be running online auctions aimed at picking best bids for public contracts.

All small businesses will also be eligible to reduced rates on their power supply.

A national campaigner for small business named Sergei Borisov insisted these rates must be slashed one third and frozen at the level in October 2008. Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov promised a reduction as early as next month.

Igor Siletski

Source:The Voice of Russia

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