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Gazprom, ENI agree to step up work on South Stream project

MOSCOW, January 16 (Itar-Tass) -- Gazprom and the Italian oil and gas company ENI step up work on the South Stream pipeline project, the Russian gas holding said.

The day before, Gazprom and ENI heads Alexei Miller and Paolo Scaroni during their meeting noted the particular timeliness of the project in the situation of the current crisis of Russian gas transit to Europe across Ukraine.

Particularly important in the situation is the issue of diversification of gas export routes, including the South Stream that will directly link Russia and Europe and consolidate the continent's energy security, the Russian holding noted in its report.

Gazprom and ENI have agreed to step up the work of their joint group on preparation for implementation of the project, it said.

Italy is the second largest Russian gas importer in Europe.

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Chernevog комментирует...

I am curious, what was the original inception and finish date for this stream. There are so many plans that I have seen being offered for various streams that I can no longer keep track of them or the dates. Except for the environmental concerns for underwater portions of the route, I sometimes think these kind of routes would eliminate the sort of problems that have cropped up recently. Underwater...

lastochka комментирует...

The realization of the South Stream project must be completed in 2013.All the necessary agreements and contracts with all the countries -participants of this project were concluded by the end of the 2008.
As concerns the possible difficulties and problems as I have learnt from the article in one of the professional gas review's journal- North Stream could cause much more headache.These both projects wouldn't be the first underwater gas pipelines, for example in Baltic Sea already exists the gas pipeline from Norway.