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Ukraine to get 20-percent discount on Russian gas in 2009

MOSCOW, January 18 (Itar-Tass) - Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told reporters after the talks with Ukrainian premier Yulia Timoshenko that at the talks, the sides “managed to reach an understanding that trade in gas between Russia and Ukraine will be fully transferred to the European formula of pricing”.

“The sides reached an understanding that in 2009, Ukrainian partners will be granted a 20-percent discount under condition of preserving a preferential tariff of pumping Russian gas to European consumers via Ukraine in 2009 at the 2008 price of this pumping,” the Russian premier said. Thus, Ukraine can purchase gas from Russia in 2009 at the European price minus 20 percent.

According to Putin, they also agreed with Timoshenko that “starting from January 1, 2010, we shall fully switch over to pricing and forming tariffs of pumping in full conformity with European standards without any cuts and discounts”. “Both for transit and for gas price,” he emphasised.

Putin also stated, referring to a statement by the Ukrainian side that an understanding was reached on resuming gas transit to European consumers in the near future.

In turn, Ukrainian premier noted that the two heads of government gave instructions to the Gazprom and Naftogaz executives “to draft the entire package of documents by Monday and fill out everything as it was agreed on Sunday at the talks. Besides, all flows of gas transit to Europe will be re-started right after the signing of all documents on gas transit and on gas purchase”.

“I believe,” Timoshenko continued, “that this day has passed fruitfully enough, and the summit that was gathered, has yielded its results, and all mutual understandings have been found.”

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Plus we should remember two important facts. At first, Ukraine will suffer losses because the price for using Ukranian gas pipe didn’t grow proportionally to the Rusiian gas price. Let’s make a simple calculation. Russia pays Ukraine $1,7 for transporting 1000 cubic meters of gas on 100 km. Average distance which is passed by Russian gas by our pipe aproximately 1100 km. Russia transports to Europe at least 110 milliards cubic meters of gas annually. So Ukraine gains about $2 milliards anually. And the lowest European price is $4 per 100 kilometers, so we could gain about $4,7 milliards. Accordingly we can say that Timoshenko complimented Putin about $2,7 milliards.

How much gas could be purchased by these? 10-12 milliards of cubic meters at least. Timoshenko grants Putin more than the 50% of annual gas necessity of Ukraine. Receiving the increasing of prices and Ukraine’s obligation to buy technical gas by own cost, though at favourable prices.