четверг, 21 мая 2009 г.

Russia-EU summit in Khabarovsk to focus on security issues

Cooperation between Russia and the EU in counteracting the global financial crisis is going to hit the agenda of the 23d Russia-EU summit in Khabarovsk, the presidential aide Sergei Prikhodko announced Thursday.

This time the delegates agreed to discuss traditional issues of cooperation from the point of view of the ongoing financial crisis.

President Dmitry Medvedev arrived in Khabarovsk to head the Russian delegation at the summit. Czech President Vaclav Klaus leads the European delegation, which also comprises the EU Commissioner Jose Manuel Barroso and the EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana. Among other issues, the participants are expected to discuss some Russian initiatives, including the one put forward by President Medvedev on a new legal basis for energy cooperation. Sergei Prikhodko says this initiative is a kind of a call for joint work.

The Russian side says the EU partners are also ready to discuss another proposal on a new pan-European security treaty, which proves that the initiative was put forward by Dmitry Medvedev right on time. Prikhodko said Russia is going to use all high-profile meetings, including G8, G20 and Russia-NATO Council, to bring its ideas home to the partners.

We are very positive about the growing cooperation between Russia and the EU. Though we still do not see eye to eye on many issues, including the thorniest ones, we are glad to have an opportunity to discuss everything as part of the summit. We hope for successful talks despite the existing economic difficulties worldwide, Sergei Prikhodko said.

On 22 May the delegates are going to meet for a business and breakfast event to discuss the most pressing international issues: the Mideast peaceful settlement, Iran’s nuclear program and the situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Apart from this, Russia and Europe are expected to share views on Kosovo, Moldova and Georgia. Moscow wants its European partners to explain what reasons they have for providing support to the Saakashvili regime in Georgia. The summit in Khabarovsk is expected to result in a serious dialog in interests of European and international security.

Source:The Voice of Russia

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