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To the memory of Oleg Yankovsky

The final episode from Mark Zakharov's Film "An unsual wonder"

An Usual Wonder (aka An Ordinary Miracle) (Russian: Обыкновенное чудо, translit. Obyknovennoye chudo) is a Soviet 1978 musical film, a love story by Mark Zakharov based on a play by Yevgeni Shvarts. This is the second screen version of the play, first one was filmed in 1964 by Erast Garin.

This is a wonderful fairy love story. Magician met a young strong bear in the forest and turned him into a man. And he will turn into a bear if a princess kisses you... The Bear meets a lovely Princess and falls in love. The princess falls in love too. How dare you not to kiss a girl?
This movie has always been a romantic inspiration. I understand, that for Western movie fans it must look too simple but Mark Zakharov is a theatric director, so it is actually a movie PLAY, having a touch of theater.

Director: Mark Zakharov
Writers: Yevgeni Shvarts (play) and Mark Zakharov (writer)

* Oleg Yankovsky as The Wizard
* Irina Kupchenko as Wizard's wife
* Evgeni Leonov as The King
* Yevgeniya Simonova as The Princess
* Aleksandr Abdulov as The Bear
* Vsevolod Larionov as The Hunter
* Yekaterina Vasilyeva as First Lady
* Andrei Mironov as Minister Administrator

© MOSFILM, 1978.

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