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song "Den Pobedy"-"Victory Day"

"Den Pobedy" ranks among the most popular in the large corpus of Russian songs dedicated to World War II. The song differs from most of these by its cheerful intonations of a marching song and by the fact that it was composed some thirty years after the war. In the words of Vladimir Shainsky, a veteran composer, "the song seemed to have turned back the time. Although written three decades after the war, it now seems that it was this song that helped us to gain the victory".

Lyrics by Vladimir Kharitinov
Music by David Tuhmanov

Victory Day, how far was it from us
Like an ember dwindled in the faded fire.
Versts[2] were there, burnt and dusted, —
We did all we could for hastening this day.

This Victory Day
Saturated with the smell of gunpowder,
This is a holiday
With gray hairs on temples,
This is joy
With tears in our eyes,
Victory Day!
Victory Day!
Victory Day!

Days and nights at open-hearth furnaces
Our Motherland spent, sleepless.
Days and nights we fought a hard battle,
We did all we could for hastening this day.

Hello, Mom, not all of us came back...
Wish to run about barefoot in dew!
Half of Europe, we have stridden half of Earth,
We did all we could for hastening this day.

Poklonnaya Gora

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Edwin комментирует...

The song is beautiful!
My marching-band is going to play this song (march). It will be a part of their 2011 program.

Thanks for sharing!