четверг, 28 мая 2009 г.

Russian poets of the Silver Age

Igor Severyanin

Spring Day

This day of spring is hot and golden -
The citys blinded by the sun!
Im me again! I am emboldened!
Im in love, happy and Im young!

The soul sings and bursts for the fields and
I come to strangers and say "hey."
What spaciousness I feel! What freedom!
What songs and flowers in my way!

Soon - vanish into the young meadows!
Soon - into snowdunes, full of bliss!
To look in pink faces of women,
Like friend, an enemy to kiss!

Make noise, the springtime forests mighty!
Bloom, lilac bushes! Grow tall, grass!
No sinners: Everyone is righteous
On a day so divinely blessed!

© Copyright translation by Ilya Shambat


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