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Yaroslavna's Lament
oprea Prince Igor (Yaroslavna's husband)
historical link

Sadko (was a legendary hero of a Russian bylina (epic tale) with the same name, a merchant and gusli musician from Novgorod)and the Sea tsarSadko-
detailed about Sadko

Il'ya Muromets (from Murom)one of the famousest russians bogatyrs and saints.
about Ilya Muromets

The just of Dobryanya Nikitich (russian bogatyr') and the serpent.

The just of russian bogatyr'-Peresvet and Chelubei- tatar hero. Chelubei was killed in this just.It happened right before the beginning of the Battle of Kulikovo(8 of September 1380.)
about the battle of Kulikovo

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